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Popcorn Time App – Free movies and videos app for iOS/iPhone

A substitute to Movie Box App – installation Tutorial

Popcorn Time app:

So I’m back again, to share one more secret with you all, and I hope this will be very curious to know. Well friends as you all are aware of show box apk and movie box apps, these apps are just amazing in functioning, and you can stream or download your favourite Film or TV shows anytime you want. Despite being an android app it has the capability to run on the devices devoid of android platform (by means of an emulator) such as Windows, Blackberry, Amazon kindle Fire and Mac OS. However we also know that neither movie box nor show box android app can run on iPhone or iPad, this is because the file is not acceptable and executable in these devices. Therefore, again we come up with a question, what to use in iPhone or iPad. Don’t worry guys! We have an alternative, known as Popcorn Time. This is an amazing tool, which allows users to play hundreds of movies, and TV shows of their own choice, even without downloading those videos. The best part of popcorn time app is that it can work on without jailbreak devices.

Popcorn Time App

Lets look onto Features of Popcorn Time App
Popcorn Time comprises an elegant and intuitive interface. Once you open the app you will quickly get an access to the latest releases, be it movies, TV shows, or other videos for download. All you need is to select your favourite ones and put them to download.  So where we before??? Yes were to use Popcorn Time app for our iPhone and iPad. Popcorn time is though an unapproved app for iOS platform, and it is the best substitute for movie box. Now lets move onto the installation procedure for Popcorn Time app. Though the process is very simple, it requires a windows PC to perform few crucial tasks.

Installation Procedure Tutorial:

  1. Check if your iPhone or iPad has iTunes installed, if not so, then install it first.
    iTunes Download
  2. Now download the popcorn time app installer on your windows pc.
    Popcorn time installer
  3. If you come across any installation warnings, simply ignore it and move on with the installation process.
  4. Now you need to connect your iPhone or iPad to your windows PC via USB, and run the popcorn time installer. Simply put the phone on airplane mode so that it doesn't get disturbed while the installation process is on.
    Connect your Apple iPhone to Windows PC
  5. Follow the installation instructions being displayed on the screen accordingly.
    Click on Trust This Computer

    Now Turn on Airplane Mode

    Final Process of Installation
  6. So you’re done, popcorn time app is now installed your iPhone or iPad.

You have installed popcorn time app on your iPhone or iPad, start streaming or downloading your favorite movies and TV shows. Enjoy the new releases, appearing on the top of the front page when you open the app on your Apple iOS device. So this completes your installation tutorial of popcorn time app on iPhone or iPad. As I said, the process is very simple, follow the instructions carefully.  
Though I would like to mention that popcorn time is not as fast as movie box app in installation and other aspects but users experiencing it so far faced very less problems.

If you encounter any problem while installation, feel free to let us know about the problem just by leaving a comment below. Our expert team is 24x7 active and will fetch you a solution as soon as possible. I recommend this app for everyone using any device, you will surely like it after using it.
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